Virginia "Ginny" Jones
Intuitive services 


These light codings I channelled through, they come from multi star seed lineage, from our star families, each line is a different frequency of codings, each one will resonate with your cellular star seed DNA to awaken the DNA codings in each strand, some of you will be drawn to the different dialects, these where recognised in your cellular memory and soul, triggering a remembrance in your entire being, many of you felt the effect physically as your DNA opened, your nervous system felt the effect, many of you had pressure in your head, this is quite normal when one is receiving a down load of frequency, many where drawn visually to the dialects, but didn't feel anything, you where still getting a down load of frequency but you didn't feel it, many felt that one or more of the dialects didn't feel right, but they where drawn to it, the ones that didnt feel right where causing deep clearing, All the light codes have help to open your DNA, heart and Consciousness

The personal Transmission will be delivered to you via email in mp 3 digital format

The price for this transmission is $55 

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