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Human Frequency upgrade and Cellular DNA Activation

Expanding your whole cellular consciousness

fast forwarding you to the 5th Dimension Frequency


For any of you wondering about getting the 'Cosmic Gift' through Ginny Jones; I had it done through her and I must say it's amazing - but there really are no words to fully describe the experience and the multiple benefits I received from it! I highly recommend it and once you've had it done, you will see why… Thank you so much for all you do Ginny!!! 💝

Humanity is waking up

I have been working with The Arcturians, many Galactic and spirit beings for several years,


I have had my DNA activated by my team and am constantly getting down loads of new light energy and coding, 

I have called these activation’s

The Cosmic Gift, as they where gifted to me by the Galactic's, so that I could fully awaken, into my mission here on planet earth,


I have been called to share The Cosmic Gift with others, I have been sharing in my private healing practice, for several years but now am getting an over whelming feeling that I need to Share the Galactic Gift on mass, getting myself out of the cosmic closet, I am also feeling a sense of urgency from my team, to launch The Cosmic Gift as soon as possible,

Our Beautiful Planet Earth and Humanity are embarking on a huge cosmic shift, There are many forces at work trying to control how events unfold, we are in an age now of frequency, light and consciousness and many people are waking up to their true selves, its time for us all to awaken our gifts, step into our mission and  be the power we hold within,

The Cosmic Gift will trigger cellular memory, activate your dormant DNA and awaken your frequency, to receive more cosmic light, after receiving The Cosmic Gift you will feel lighter, more open, expansive in your cellular consciousness, more connected to nature, the earths frequency the quantum field and the cosmic heart. 

After receiving The Cosmic Gift your heart and mind consciousness will be engaged, you will Feel the power you hold within your cellular structure as each cell will be filled with light.

What was once lying dormant in our cells is now being reawakened, by the amount of light information coming to the planet, from the galactic core,

The light is a natural coding system, the light codes are a patterning frequency, of fractals, geometries, hieroglyphics and other codes

I have been able to speak and write this light coding since childhood, I can remember sensing energy beings in my room at night, at the time I felt very frightened by this, but now I realize I was being guided, looked after, watched,

I also realize everything unusual I experienced whilst growing up was all leading me to my mission here on Earth,

To be an Activator and awakener,

I can remember seeing this light coding language being down loaded into me, on several occasions.

My Cosmic team has been teaching me techniques to bring this coding down from the cosmos, it is a sequence of high frequencies that go into the cellular structure, reawakening the dormant strands of DNA that are in the cells,

This is a personal coding; this is a unique encoding,

Humanity is evolving through the cellular structure and the conscious mind. To be the powerful loving beings we once were, we will be once more.

If you are reading this then you most likely have been guided here by your soul 

By sitting quietly each day and following some of the exercises Given in The Cosmic Gift 

Your light power and frequency will keep on rising as the earths frequency rises.

I have been guided to offer "The Cosmic Gift" to groups
I have been offering this one to one in my healing practice but my guidance is telling me to now offer this in group environments,
The Cosmic Gift comprises of A set of powerful cellular, DNA and Higher Consciousness Activations using Higher Consciousness Technology that was gifted to me by the Arturians, working alongside my guides and many higher beings from the Spirit world.
included in "The Cosmic Gift" are some of my life experiences, accounts of my spooky experiences with spirit, ghosts and Contact with ETs that I have had throughout my life, there have been many lol,
The whole session will take between 2 to 3 hours for a group, just over an hour for one on one sessions 

 For Groups 

This gives us time to have a break etc, and questions and answers after.
If you would like me to come and speak to a group, or you can get a group together please PM me
Here are the links to more info on the Activations
please share to pages and groups on social media 
Much Love Ginny 


Life will be filled with possibilities, for you are much more than you realize

Private one to one sessions Via Skype or in person

Group bookings via Zoom Link

or live events at your place  

To Book and Pay see Below

Once you have paid, please email me at


Private one to one sessions Via Skype or in person $155

Once you have paid, please email me at


Group event 10 or more payment $55  US Each

Once you have paid, please email me at


Live events

you organize a group I will come and facilitate the Cosmic Gift at your place



Oh Ginny Jones that was the most amazing experience I've ever had in my awakening! I'm still vibrating now..I can feel it like a constant where before it was sometimes..I feel so open and will polish my chakras in that way..words cannot explain the experience..the exercises we did are ones I can carry under my belt for ever..when I close my eyes I see the metatron cube in glowing worth the time and the contribution was so small compared to the gift I was given..your experience I so related too and is one my daughter feels daily..hearing yours brought so much peace in me where it brought understanding of why I his under my sheets at night and brought a peace the past was and is OK..I will make sure the realize that comes now will flow and let it happen. Words cannot express my grateful ness and love for your time you spent sharing and helping this with us.

I haven't felt so clean so open and so myself since I was probably born. I feel like a new born but with experience of life..its like everything makes sense and I know my place in the world..honestly I'm telling the and everything is WOW..The trees smell everything smells stronger and my eyes see every so bright..thank you for helping me find and keep my heart beautiful..I hope more others do this what we did with you last night. Love you loads.

Thank you Ginny. Your energy was beautifully expressed and shared, light filled and loving. Loved hearing your experiences leading up to current times, that is such a good thing to share as I can relate to similar feelings, experiences and it has provided an answer for me. The meditation was powerful, healing, at celllular level. Blessings and love always. xx

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