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This Light Code Frequency Transmission will also include a digital copy of your unique light code image

The Cosmic Grid of Earth has been increasing in frequency for many years now,

As humans, Part of our DNA structure contains information pertaining to our biology such as our features and the genetic information that is passed on from family lines.  There is another part of the DNA structure that has to do with the spiritual component of the human, and science has not considered this yet.  However if one is persuaded that the human consists of a soul, the biology of the body and as we are made of the same stuff as the universe, the cosmos, the planets, then does it not follow that the genetic link with the individual also contains spiritual information and cosmic information. 

Codes of light or light codes are as old as the universe, and beyond,

They are here already, part of the genetic memory of all things here on Earth, everything contains the frequency and cosmic patterning (sacred Geometry) you can see it in everything in nature, this is all part of a coding system that nature has, as we and planet earth are embarking in this amazing shift, the awakening, everything feels like its speeding up, people are releasing old patterning, old ways of being, as things come up in their lives to be released, it is a natural process in the grand scheme of things, you may not be aware but the whole universe, cosmos is evolving, NASA are posting how the other planets in our solar system are changing, weather patterns and other frequencies, so it goes with out saying that things here on earth are also transitioning, this also goes for us on a cellular level.

We are in a time where we are waking up, what was lying dormant in  our cells, is now being reawakened, by the amount of  light information coming to the planet. The light is a natural coding system, that as I understand it awakens our dormant cellular structure, the light codes is a patterning frequency, my team have given me guidance to help you receive a higher amount of light into your cells, this is a personal coding, as my team and yours will down load this light into you through the help of me, through light language (Star Language) and channeled message in the purpose of triggering your unique calling, helping your frequency upgrade and adjust, My and your team are totally aware of what you are needing to step you forward, to awaken what lies dormant in you, this may be shown to you in many ways, things in your life changing, you realising your full potential, you knowing yourself better, old patterns being released and so many more some I do not even know myself,  remember my and your team are in charge of what you need, your higher self will step in with your internal guidance also

This Light Code Frequency Transmission includes

light language (Star Language) and channeled message and unique digital personal image

This is a unique session that can be carried out via Skype, Face book chat, Zoom or in person 
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